The Complex Dance of Healthcare Transitioning

Perhaps no industry has experienced more disruption in the last decade than healthcare. Roiling rip tides of legislation, quantum leaps in new technology and growing consumer sophistication are only a few of the change agents that have made healthcare today almost unrecognizable to an observer from the early 2000s. And, yet, amid this change, one […]

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Playing the Long Game: Chadstone Shopping Centre

Playing the Long Game is a series from CallisonRTKL’s You Are Here discussing the evolution of retail and the projects that are doing it all. Today, director in CRTKL’s London office Jorge Beroiz discusses the retail evolution of the Chadstone Shopping Centre in Melbourne, Australia. This year, Chadstone won the ICSC’s 2019 VIVA Award for […]

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They Promised Us Jet Packs

Up until very recently, almost every meeting I’ve had about a new project would find its way to a discussion about autonomous vehicles (AV) and how we can now reduce the parking requirement and create more leasable area or greater density. In fact, let’s ditch parking altogether, no one will need a below-grade garage or […]

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Retail Re-invention: Five Questions to Ask

It is a truth universally acknowledged, even to those of us who make a living designing them, that the traditional enclosed shopping center has courted better prospects. The conventional dumb-bell mall is a development model that has cried out for re-invention for at least the last decade (some would claim longer), and the need for […]

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The New American Mall CRTKL

The New American Mall

CallisonRTKL Vice President Lloyd Baker explores global retail trends and what “anchor-less” means for the quintessentially American shopping model The prevailing wisdom is that traditional enclosed malls in America are a dying building form. While that may be true in communities that are better served by big box retailers and ever-improving front door delivery, it […]

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Greening the City

Residential Associate Director Matt Pickering shares insights from CRTKL’s Manchester panel and the conversation that ensued about the value of the 11.4 million trees in Greater Manchester to both the economy (£33 million) and to people’s well being. Recently, CallisonRTKL’s Manchester office hosted the second event in our Human-Centric Urbanism series. We’re talking to people […]

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CRTKL Ballston Quarter Food Hall Exterior Front

Saving the American Mall in 5 Steps

CallisonRTKL Vice President Marc Fairbrother explains how struggling American malls can turn it all around When we talk about retail and shopping malls in 2019, the words “struggling,” and even “apocalypse” come to mind. The truth is that the American mall is not dead. In fact, the most successful malls are hotter than ever with […]

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CLARB Work Group - Noel Aveton

Landscape Architects Save the World

Noel Aveton, a landscape architect “superuser,” shares the progress CLARB has made in strengthening the profession’s licensing process. Shown above, (left to right) Jenny Owen – former Executive Mississippi State Board of Architecture/Landscape Architecture; Ujijji Davis – recently-licensed landscape architect; Shannon Himes – Ohio Architects/Landscape Architects Board Executive; Noel Aveton – Landscape Architect, Vice President […]

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Saving a Chicago Gem: The Guyon Hotel

CRTKL sparks a necessary conversation about preservation and community The Hotel Guyon was built in 1928 in Chicago’s West Garfield Park neighborhood, one of four iconic post-WWI buildings that helped usher in the city’s Jazz Age and re-affirmed this was indeed the city of broad shoulders. J. Louis Guyon, the property’s original owner and a […]

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Future of Los Angeles – Part Two

This is the second part of an Interview with Kelly M. Farrell AIA, President and CEO of international architecture practice CallisonRTKL. Prior to participating in the Architecture and Design Summit on the future of Los Angeles, Kelly Farrell AIA, CRTKL’s new CEO, sat down with Bisnow’s Joe Pimentel for a discussion on her recent appointment […]

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