CallisonRTKL (CRTKL) combines the legacy of two great design practices into an even stronger, more distinct voice that is characterized by the strength of our ideas, the spirit of our culture and the passion of our people to make the world a better place. People are at the center of what we do. Focusing on our relationships, with clients and teams, helps us make the big seem small, more personal, and keeps us moving in the right direction. Our process centers on creativity, cross-pollinating ideas and talents across offices to deliver quality at all levels and in all places.
As part of a global community, we realize our responsibility and strive to be an active participant in the world. In all our efforts, we set out to do the right thing for our people, our clients and our communities. At CRTKL, we’re eager to face the challenges of our world and our time and ready to ask the questions that hold others back. Our thirst for innovation and quest for creative solutions to complex issues helps set out a path that leads to new heights and continued success.
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You Are Here Blog

Our blog explores issues affecting our world not from behind our desks but from our personal experiences as people living, visiting and working in cities around the world. The blog positions us first and foremost as active participants in our environments and second, as planners, architects and designers with a point of view. As a result, each post begins with a personal observation or anecdote and then uses that first-hand perspective as the foundation for a larger discussion on a design-related topic.

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